Special Instructions For Referees

All leagues typically have spectators setting up on one side of the field. The teams should both set up on the side opposite the spectators. This is the preferred practice even though the Club policy states otherwise.

If team colors conflict with your referee uniform, ask the coaches to use a pull-over for your game. The coaches of all teams with yellow uniforms have been informed of this possibility, and should have something available for you!

Coaches in several leagues have asked us to tighten up our throw-in calls. Start with verbal warnings, then resort to the whistle and give the ball to the other team. Remember, no do-overs unless the ball never entered the field of play. Use ARs to help signal foot faults.

The U9/10 leagues will use the same substitution rules as the other leagues. They will still use quarters for timing. You should still run the clock for each half for 30 minutes, with a 2 minute substitution break roughly in the middle of each half. The start of each quarter will be a kick-off, but the teams will only switch sides at the half.

The Referee card is available here. It is a two sheet spread sheet. Print the first side, then reinsert your printed page into your printer to print the second side (experimenting required, most likely). View it here: Referee Card

No Football/Softball/Baseball/Lacrosse Cleats. No toe cleats allowed!

No Earrings! Not even taped over!! The chance of injury is just too great, even if well taped over. The club rules specifically prohibit this practice, and all league families were advised at the beginning of the season.

Timing. Game length is always at your discretion, but do your best to allow a full hour of playing time for all leagues if at all possible. 

Tournament Shoot Out Rules & Procedures available here.


Field Locations:
The Club Program field layout at Severna Park Middle School is a PDF document. View it here.

Kinder Park field layout in Severna Park is a PDF document.  View it here.