Programs Overview


Welcome to the Greater Severna Park Athletic Association (GSPAA) website for Severna Park Soccer.  GSPAA is an non-profit organization covering the administration of a wide range of sports in the Severna Park area.  GSPAA is also referred to as Green Hornets. More information about the organization can be found here.  All registration is completed through the GSPAA site.  For a more detailed history please read our heritage page.

Severna Park Soccer is the soccer component of GSPAA and is further subdivided into three programs: Clinic, Club, and Select

The Clinic (formerly called Youth) Program provides playing opportunities to children from U4 to U6. The Clinic Program provides age-appropriate soccer education for about 350 children. The Clinic Program plays in the Fall only, from September through the first weekend of November.

The Club (formerly called Recreation) Program provides playing opportunities to children from seven years old through eighteen. Club is the largest program in all of Green Hornets soccer, with some 1,100 players each season. The Club program plays in the fall only, from September through October.


The Select (or Travel) program is the most competitive and ages range from U9 to U19.  Depending on the league the team plays in, the team will travel to some games around the DC and Baltimore area.  The shield to the right is often used to designate Select teams and activities.  Teams play in the fall and spring.  Typically, the Fall season starts in August with pre-season tournaments and practice and ends in early November with end of season games and possible tournaments.  Spring season typically begins in March with preseason tournaments and practice and ends in early June.  The most competitive teams play in NCSL (National Capitol Soccer League) and WAGS (Washington Area Girls Soccer) - both of which are considered by United States Youth Soccer to be among the most competitive in the country.  

Select Tryouts are held each June to create the teams. 

GSPAA Soccer Mission Statements

- Our Clinic players will be encouraged to participate in fun, age-appropriate activities to cultivate an interest in physical movement, team play, and soccer. Clinic athletes are taught primarily individual skills, with less emphasis on tactics or winning. At this non-competitive level, volunteer coaches play a vital role in modeling positive, supportive behavior at practices and matches, and will encourage parents to do the same.

- Club level volunteer coaches will promote interest in the sport of soccer and provide a positive experience for boys and girls through athletic recreation in a structured soccer program. Focusing on fair play for all interested participants, the Club program is designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship, and to support the physical, mental and emotional development of youth players. 

- The Select soccer program will provide a competitive experience for the committed soccer player. Passionate, skilled volunteer coaches create an environment that provides each player with a valuable learning experience and opportunities to improve his/her soccer, leadership, and inter-personal skills. We support these principles by improving individual talent through well-structured practice sessions, and by playing league season and tournament games at the highest competitive level possible. 

At all levels, Severna Park Soccer is committed to providing:

- Physically and emotionally safe environments in which athletes can develop increasingly sophisticated soccer skills.

- A trained, creative, effective, all-volunteer coaching and leadership staff.

- A professional environment where GSPAA volunteer staff and coaches work together to appropriately model enthusiasm and good sportsmanship for both our athletes and their parents.

- Inspiration for a lifelong enjoyment of soccer.

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