Please read the information below before registering. When ready to register, click Register a player for Green Hornets Soccer.

All youth participants of any soccer program must be registered via our online registration program.



  • The Clinic Program. This is for children Pre-K and K. For more information, see Clinic Program.
  • The Club Program. This is for children from 1st Grade through 12th Grade. For more information, see Club Program.
  • The Select or Travel Program. This is for children from under 9 (U9) through under nineteen (U19). For more information, see Select Program.
  • The Referee Program. This is for children with an interest in officiating games. A child may be both a player AND an official. For more information, see Referee Program.

Registration Information


Fee Information

There is a $25 late fee per player after the on-time registration deadline (sport may be closed and not accepting late registrations).

A $75 annual family membership fee will be charged per family per calendar year. You must use the same primary residence phone number for every registration to avoid having the fee assessed again.

Certificate of Registration Information

After completing the Player Registration Form including online payment information, click the "submit" button one time only. Please be patient. It may take a while for your information to be processed.

If for any reason your payment is not approved, or you are kicked off the browser, please re-register.

All registration forms from this page are on secure sites. Once the form is processed, including the payment option, you will receive a Certificate of Registration.

Special instructions

  • If you experience any problems during the registration process or otherwise need assistance, please contact GSPAA by email at greenhornets@verizon.net.
  • If you are interested in coaching in our Youth Development (Clinic) or Recreation (Club) programs, please indicate that on the registration form. We provide free of charge a United States Youth Soccer "G" License for Parent-Coaches of young children.
  • If you originally registered for a different sport but your child now wishes to play soccer, you need to re-register for soccer, then send an email to greenhornets@verizon.net stating that and they will arrange for the refund.
  • Refund Policy: If your child makes a high school team, has an injury or a schedule conflict that prevents him/her from participating in the sport that he or she has registered for, or you are requesting a refund for any other reason, you must email your refund request to the Green Hornets office at greenhornets@verizon.net BEFORE practices begin.
  • If you originally registered for Club but now would like to tryout for Select, please send an email to greenhornets@verizon.net to make arrangements to re-register.
  • If a player trys out for a Select team but is not selected, he or she is welcome in our Recreation program. There is a field in the registration program to indicate if a player is not interested in playing in our recreation program.
  • The registration program has a Special Requests section. This is intended for Club and Clinic players to request a special consideration, typically to be on a team with a particular player, with a particular coach, or be on a team that practices on a particular day. We have a long tradition of honoring these requests but we can make no guarantees. If you have a special request, please use this section and not send emails, which are difficult to track . This is critical information for how coaches are recruited, teams are formed, number of fields determined, and the number and sizes or uniforms which are ordered. It is very disruptive to learn of special requests after coaches are selected and teams are formed.
  • If you have registered for Select and participated in tryouts and you have not heard from a coach about which team you are on (or did not see your tryout number posted on this site) by July 4th, please contact a Soccer Official immediately.

Select (Travel) Program

Click here to see the age chart by date of birth.

Adult Registration

All adults holding official positions with a team (head coach, assistant coach, manager, trainer) must register with with GSPAA. To register, click Volunteer Online Registration Form on the Green Hornets website.

Remember, you must register for each position you hold, per team. If you are the Head Coach of two teams, and an assistant coach on a third, you must register three times.