Green Hornets On-Line Store Announcement

Green Hornets On-Line Store:  Soccer Spirit Wear and Accessories

The Greater Severna Park Athletic Association is pleased to make fan wear and spirit items available to all levels of Green Hornets soccer.  We hope the items not only display pride with the program but also serve to stimulate and continue interest in soccer.  The items are not just for the players and coaches. Family and friends may purchase Green Hornets Soccer items also.  

Check out the Severna Park Green Hornets Soccer Store.  The on-line store will be open from 25 August - 14 September to accept orders.  The store will open again later in the soccer season for more orders.

Purchasing items is purely optional, but we hope you will want to show your Green Hornets soccer pride displaying the items whether on the sidelines or around greater Severna Park.  Clothing sizes range from youth (XS-XL) through adult sizes (XS-4XL), in both men's and women's styles.  Spirit items include hats, blankets, and cinch packs.    

Posted on August 17, 2014 .