The Inaugural Soccer Opening Day Festival Announced

This Saturday, Sept. 8th, Severna Park Soccer will celebrate the start of the fall soccer season with opening day festivities.

At the Lower Fields of the Kinder Complex, from 3P to 6PM, GSPAA will host players from D.C. United and conduct a host of games and activities. Ribbons and other awards for winners of events.

Activities from 3:00-6:00:

  • Continuous Soccer (1/2 of Lower Kinder 1) open to kids of all ages/families
  • Inflatable Shooting Cage (Lower Kinder 2) (Thanks to DC United!)
  • Two moon bounces (LK 2) (Thanks to Ace Hardware at Park Plaza for donating one)
  • Soccer Fitness Training Demonstrations/Tips by Dave Vincent (certified trainer) (LK 2)
  • Green Hornets Soccer Apparel sale (t-shirts, hats, etc) (proceeds to McCandless Family Fund) (LK 2)
  • GH Club House Snack Bar (will be collecting donations for the McCandless Family)
  • Soccer Gear donation bin for our Honduras school program
  • Team Picnics, etc (LK 2)

Activities from 4:00-5:30

  • Appearance by Chris Korb of DC United, click Chris Korb Player Bio
  • Appearance by a yet-to-be-dtermined player from DC United Women's Team
  • Soccer Skills Activities/Competitions (other half of Lower Kinder 1)
  • 3:15: U4 Dribbling Races
  • 3:15: U5 knock out competition U4
  • 3:30: U5  Dribbling Races  (30 yard)
  • 3:30: U4 knock out competition
  • 3:45: U6 Dribbling Races  (30 yard
  • )
  • 3:45: U7 Knock out  (separate boys/girls)
  • 4:00: Dribbling Race U7 (40 yards) (separate boys/girls)
  • 4:00: U6 Knock out
  • 4:15: U8 Dribbling race  (40 yards) (separate boys/girls)
  • 4:30: U8 Knock out  (separate boys/girls)
  • 3:05-4:30  U4-U8  Shooting for distance (kids can show up at any time during the time period for this event)

Activities for Older Kids (U9 and above):

  • 4:30 - 6:00 (all activities:  kids show up at any time during time period)
    • Juggling (feet only)
    • Juggling (anything legal in soccer)
    • Juggling (head only)
    • Shooting on goal competition
    • Slalom dribbling
Posted on September 23, 2013 .