U15 SEVP Fury win EDP Spring Cup

The U15 Severna Park Fury took home the championship of the Silver flight of the EDP Spring Cup June 14th 2015. 


Team Photo:

Front (L-R): Drew Meyers, Will Augustin, Griffin Bathras, Chad Bobrick, Sean Shorkey, Jayshawn Valencia

Back (L-R): Head Coach Kenny Toma, Sam Farrell, Sam Kriel, Michael Moore, Ryan Muldoon, Drew Belloff, Maxim Murphy, Clint Strehl, Andrew Colebrook, Geovany Martinez, Colin Hall, Coach Mike Kriel

The Fury's first opponent in group play was NEW JERSEY FORCE SA ARSENAL (NJ), #9 in New Jersey.  After an early goal from the opponent, Maxim Murphy put the equalizer in late in the second half to clinch the tie.

The Fury then faced STA MORRIS UNITED NPL 99 (NJ).  The game was tight for most of the match until two penalty kicks were awarded to the Fury which Drew Belloff and Drew Meyers calmly put away to seal a 2-0 victory.

The last day of the tournament and last group play game found the Fury facing the LOGAN SC BLACKJACKS (NJ).  Though the day would prove to be hard fought the Fury went up quick with a goal from Clint Strehl mere minutes into the game.  The remainder of the game was a defensive struggle to prevent play makers from both sides from scoring; the lone breakdown gave up one as the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

The 1-2-0 record was enough for the Fury to advance to the championship and face a cross  state rival Olney Rangers blue for the title.  Despite the heat and fatigue the Fury stuck to their strategy and focused on the result.  The game ended in a tie and went to PKs.  In PKs the Fury's first 5 iced it 5-3: Drew Belloff, Drew Meyers, Sam Kriel, Sam Farrell, and Andrew Colebrook.  The Fury's keeper, Sam Farrell, blocked the first and second shots, though the second was retaken due to early movement by the keeper.  But having saved the first was all the Fury needed.

Through it all the Fury gave up only 2 goals; the keeper, Sam Farrell, had two shut-outs.  This screams volumes to the intensity and courage by which the backline played; the line is led by Maxim Murphy and Jayshawn Valencia as the center backs.  Help from the outside backs came from Will Augustin, Michael Moore, and Chad Bobrick who served not only to defend but also to help build attacks.  The outside midfield play of Ryan Muldoon, Griffin Bathras, Drew Meyers, and Colin Hall all helped build width in attack that led to dangerous opportunities.  Critical possession was won or lost by the center midfielders.  The contributions of Sam Kriel, Andrew Colebrook, Sean Shorkey and Drew Belloff as holding, linking, and attacking mids were vital to the success of both the defensive and offensive possessions.  Last, the forward play of Geovany Martinez and Clint Strehl stretched the opponents and created the chances that put the team over the top.  Together, the team found the will and the way to shut down skilled opponents and win the championship.

Spring 2015 Season Stats

Fury finished 3rd (of 10) in NCSL Division 1.

Fury finished 2nd (of 10) in EDP Division 2.

Fury played 25 matches.  They won (or tied) 20 of those - 80%.

They lost 5 matches.  4 of those matches were lost by 1 goal.

The longest winning streak was 5 matches.  They did that twice.

The longest losing streak was 2 matches. That happened once.

Fury scored 53 goals this season (2.12 goals/match).  The 53 total goals and 2.12 goals/match were both their best ever.

17 boys on the team had at least one goal or assist (including goalie, Sam F.)

The most goals the Fury scored in one match was 6.

Fury allowed 20 goals this season (.8 goals/game). 

They had 15 clean sheets in 25 matches.  That is over 600 minutes of shutout soccer.  That is 10 hours.

The longest string of clean sheets was 4 matches in a row.

Other than one game, they never allowed more than 2 goals in one match.

For as physical as they played they had the least amount of yellow cards in EDP and were tied for the second least in NCSL.

As of today ... Fury is ‘ranked’ #7 in Maryland. 

They are ranked 38th in Region 1 (885 teams in 15 states) top 4.5%

They are ranked 95th in the US (3,288 teams) top 2.8%



Posted on June 19, 2015 .